An Unsettling Feeling

I don’t recall what the exact time was. All I knew is that is was the very early morning (late night to some) hours of January 27, 2006. I had just left Caffe Vivaldi after seeing my friend Jason Darling do 2 amazing sets.

I said my goodbyes & was on my way home. I decided I’d take the normal route I take when I am going home from this particular venue. Normally I’ll take the D or F down one stop to Broadway-Lafayette & take the 6 to Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall & take it back up to Parkchester.

My mind must have not been fully there as I’m walking towards the W3rd St exit & I stopped halfway. I told myself I was heading the wrong way & turned around. It turns out I was heading the right way originally & now was heading the wrong way when I saw the Christopher St station up ahead which is where I came from when I came down earlier that night.

Since I was already there, & in no mood to carry my gear back to West 3rd St, I decided I’ll just catch the 1 or 2 to TS for the 7 to the 6. While I was waiting for any train to arrive, I noticed this young white male around my age pacing back & forth. He looked like he was either a hipster or yuppie.

He caught my attention because he must have paced from his original spot to the back of the platform & back again to his spot at least 75 times! He would do it repeatedly without stopping. I wasn’t scared by him but I was concerned I would be seeing a 12-9 in front of my own eyes.

I thought he was by himself but it turns out he was with the few other young people I saw around his initial spot. The train finally came after what seemed forever & thankfully no 12-9 occurred.

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