All Over……

So the date was August 2nd & the forecast was disgusting! I needed to make a quick deposit at the bank. However I had no patience to ride the subway during normal business hours. You know what this meant, another overnight bank run!

I hopped a ride to the train station & got dropped off at Middletown Rd. As I walk up the stairs, I realized that I shouldn’t have takenĀ  the ride. I needed to cash one of those scratch off tickets as I was a few dollars short for my deposit.

So I decided to get off at Hunts Point Ave. & find a store to cash the ticket. Unfortunately my search was futile as one place was no longer there, & the others did not have their lotto machines open. After getting shot down a third time, it finally dawned on me. I forgot that lotto machines do not open in NY until 6 AM.

I was hot & had no patience to wait until the lotto machines opened. So I decided to walk to Whitlock Ave & hop the 6 train back home. As I was walking, I thought to myself let me see if I run into my dad on his way down. I looked at the bus schedule & figured out which bus would probably be his. I ended up catching his bus & getting the few bucks I was short. I finally ended up making it to the bank to make a deposit at the ATM.

Now only if I asked for a few bucks to begin with, I could have avoided the round about trip! Oh well…..

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