Typical Lack Of Manners

This entry also focuses on the ride I blogged about in the entry below this. I wanted to separate this entry because this is more of a rant & it didn’t fit the vibe of the previous entry. I find baby strollers annoying! I said it so sue me! Why does it seem that common sense disappears when one operates such a device?

I boarded the 6 at Parkchester to head on down to the San Gennaro Feast. I sat across from a woman who had a baby stroller. She had a young kid inside of it while sitting next to what I assume was her daughter. She had the stroller as close to her as possible so she didn’t take up much room. The train was not crowded so she was not a problem.

The woman stands up & prepares to get off as the train pulls in the Morrison-Soundview Avenues station. As the train comes to a stop she is preparing to depart however cue in “typical lack of manners” straphanger from stage left. As the doors opened, you had your typical straphanger rushing to get into a train. The unfortunate part is this idiot also had a baby stroller & almost crashed into the woman departing the train with her stroller.

We were about 2 inches at most from them running right into each other. This would not have been a pretty site considering the force being used by the woman entering the train.  Thankfully the collision was avoided due to the quick reflexes of the woman departing the train. Unfortunately of all the seats available, this woman had to sit across from me.

What annoyed me the most is how she looked at me as if I should have moved my foot in. I am 6’4″ so naturally my legs are long & stretch out. However I was well within my own space so I did not move my foot so she worked her stroller into her space. My feeling is that all baby strollers should be folded up to begin with! Why should I be uncomfortable because you choose to keep your stroller open?

Seriously can the police start ticketing these idiots already?

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