Talk About Creepy

Thankfully this entry is short as if it wasn’t, I would be in trouble. The story in this entry took place on May 24, 2006. I’m finally blogging about it on September 18th! I promise it will be different this time around! However I have spent enough time blabbing so lets gets to it.

I remember being dead exhausted on the night of May 24th. However I decided to go see my friend Winona play with her new music project “Childress” at the Zebulon Cafe Concert. The Zebulon Cafe Concert is located in the north side of Williamsburg. The best & most direct route would be to the 6 to 14th St/Union Sq. followed by the L to Bedford Ave.

The commute was going quite well as I got to 14th St/Union Sq. in no time. I went downstairs for the L & walked to the back of the Canarsie bound platform. The train arrives a few minutes later & I’m on my way. I got in the last car which was packed to no surprise so I leaned up against the doors.

I noticed a short & skinny white man who looked creepy. When I mean creepy, I am talking about the type who spend most of their time viewing child porn, jerking off in public, etc….. I took one glance & just knew in my heart he was that sort of guy. I know one shouldn’t judge & I’m the first to say as such. However I trust my instincts very much.

While the train was moving, I noticed he spotted a young attractive female. He must have liked what he saw as he was quickly looking to pull out his disposable camera. The creep finally gets it out & without trying to disguise it, snaps a picture of the female.

The riders around the scene seemed shocked he would do that for no reason. I am a photographer so that didn’t strike me as odd. The look in his eyes like he couldn’t wait to worship the picture is what got me thinking.

I felt bad for the female as she clearly was thinking the same thing I was. She looked so stunned & was rendered speechless. However the look of nervousness on her face displayed like an open book. The woman looked like she couldn’t wait to get off the train. I wanted to say something to her but I thought better of it.

I am sure we know what ended up happening with that guy & picture. One can only hope for the woman that the picture mysteriously didn’t come out. If that did happen, it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy.

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