Selfish Bastard

Should I be surprised about this story? (Matthew Sweeney;  AMNY):

A man who jumped in front of a southbound E train in Manhattan Tuesday morning was passed over by the cars and then yelled at the conductor for not killing him.

“He jumped. The train ran over him,” a police spokeswoman said.

“He wasn’t injured at all. He got up. He admonished the train operator for not crushing him.”

Apparently the man disappeared after yelling at the operator at 14th street at around 10:10 a.m.

There’s no description of him, police said.

I am not surprised at this story which is quite sad when you really think about it. How much of a selfish bastard is this guy? It is bad enough that he wants to cause harm to the emotions of a train operator by purposely getting hit by the train, but to admonish the train operator for not killing you?

Why is it people feel the need to jump in front of a train to kill themselves? Why not just shoot yourself with a gun, stab yourself in the heart, slit your wrists, overdose, etc….?  Do you really hate life that much that you have to potentially ruin another’s life? People like this make me sick & quite frankly don’t deserve to breathe the same air I do. I can only wish that the train operator would come across this guy & knock him out!

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Quote: “Why not just shoot yourself with a gun, stab yourself in the heart, slit your wrists, overdose, etc….?”. I think that because you have to be brave enough to take this decision, it not depends on other people, you are not going to blame to yourself if you fail to do so, but you can do it to other people.

I was really shocked when I learned this story (I didn’t read today amNY). Thanks for sharing!

Greetings! Tom.

Greetings Tomás,

You do bring up a good point about the bravery aspect of it. I am just sick of these individuals not caring what harm they will bring to complete strangers.

You are welcome & thanks for contributing!

I agree with you that this guys don’t care about the feelings of other people, complete strangers as you say!

Thanks for your replies! Feel free to visit my own page (although I don’t know if you speak Spanish) 😉 I embedded a translator on the right side for non-Spanish speaking people.


Hello Tomás,

You are welcome! I must admit I am part Puerto Rican but do not read or speak the language. I usually am able to understand it verbally but reading it is a completely different story. I will use the translator on your site. I did not notice it when I was there yesterday.

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