The Right Choice For Our Country’s Transit Infrastructure

A few friends e-mailed me over the last few days wondering what my opinion was of Barack Obama being elected as our 44th President. They assumed I would post an entry being excited for the future of federal investment into the U.S. transit infrastructure. I wanted to make this post sooner but I was busy over the last few days.

In all honesty I am happy that Barack Obama won even though he was not my candidate of choice with that being Hillary Clinton. However with all of that, I must acknowledge that our country’s transit infrastructure is looking up with a forthcoming Obama/Biden administration. No one can truly say for a complete certainty how much improvement we will see. However one thing is for sure, we made the right choice from the available candidates when it comes to our transit infrastructure & for that, I & other transit advocates thank everyone who made it happen.

xoxo Transit Blogger

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