Ridiculous Ranting….

I usually try my best to ignore rants from clueless individuals but I could not do so at this time. Yesterday Benjamin Kubak of Second Avenue Sagas posted an entry about an article written in the New York Post in regards about high overtime pay for some MTA employees. My problem is not with him at all but instead some of the clueless readers who posted some ridiculous comments. Lets look at a few of them:

Chris wrote: “And meanwhile, NYPD officer salaries start barely above the poverty line. That really goes to show you where this city’s priorities are.”

Todd wrote: “Ben: I could’ve told you that Micheal Woodhouse and his gang are earning lots of overtime. They’re always really busy ‘holding trains’ and what not. Chris: Amen.”

I am all for one having an opinion but sometimes you have to call out someone on them. I would love to hear what salaries of MTA employees have anything to do with the NYPD. The fact is one has absolutely nothing to do with one another. All because the NYPD salaries are not up to par with their peers should not reflect on what MTA employees earn. So somehow money legitimately earned is the city’s fault? Whatever……

As far as Todd’s comments are concerned, they are beyond ridiculous. Let me guess those dreaded MTA employees held up your commute on purpose just to piss you off because they have nothing better to do! How did you ever figure out their huge secret?

This just tells me what I have always known, society thinks MTA employees are horrible people who deserve to be looked down upon or mistreated. Newsflash! While the MTA has its own share of bad apples, many of their employees are hard working people who do their best to bring you from point A to point B as safely as possible. Instead of looking down upon them as if you are better, be thankful that they are around! If they weren’t around I am sure many of you would be up shit’s creek & this city would fall apart. Did the transit strike of 2005 not show you how important these employees are?

Media such as the New York Post & regular citizens should find something legitimate to complain about instead of spewing ridiculous nonsense. If these employees legitimately worked these overtime shifts, they deserve whatever compensation they are rightfully entitled to! I guess even when you legitimately earned something, there will always be at least one person wanting it taken away!

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