LIRR Commuters Campaign President Calls Out The LIRR

I applaud LIRR Commuters Campaign President Peter Haynes who I feel accurately called out The Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) in a letter he recently sent to Newsday:

LIRR’s inflated sense of service

When a self-grading organization like the LIRR continually gives itself an “A” at the same time most commuters give it less than a “C,” something is wrong – very wrong.

All commuters know that the LIRR keeps its own, unaudited, unverified on-time performance numbers, and these numbers do not in any way reflect the actual service provided to customers.

Virtually all commuters have vastly different “on time” experiences most days of the week – like Jan. 7, for example, with multihour delays on nearly every branch.

Diesel service is an admitted disaster, the M7s have many problems, there are major delays every week – yet the LIRR chooses to brag about a fake number? What the LIRR is really saying is, “Abandon hope all ye who purchase LIRR monthly tickets.”

Peter Haynes

I feel Mr. Haynes is accurate in calling out the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) for statistics that do not mesh with the reality riders face daily. As I noted here, the record comes as a surprise to me considering all the complaints I hear or read about almost daily involving the LIRR. I would love to see the actual numbers if the results were accurately kept in the manner I mentioned in the aforementioned entry.

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Does the LIRR Commuters’ Campaign have a website or an email address? Haven’t been able to find this via Google. I would like to assist them. Thanks!

It would be great if ppl learned more about (the current) LIRR Commuter’s Council

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