J, Z, & L You’re Up!

Starting today & through Thursday, the MTA is handing out rider report cards for the J, Z, & L lines. If you don’t know or remember what rider report cards are, here is an entry about them.

I will be the first to say I do not ride these lines on a daily basis. Actually I have never rode the Z train! So I will comment on them based on my experiences.

I have always seen the J train as a line that does just enough but could & should do much more. My main beef with the line is the waiting times. It seems like no mater when I ride the J, I have to wait at least 10 minutes before it shows up. This is unacceptable at most times of the day!

The L line is a little bit better as far as waiting is concerned. My main problem with the L is the lack of seating. I would say a good 95% of the time I ride this line, I am forced to stand. The only reason this isn’t a big deal is because I am usually getting off within 2-4 stops from where I got on.

I do have one question about these report cards though. The report cards are handed out it seems one line or trunk line at a time. Why is that happening when all the lines are up for voting on the MTA website? Anyone have an answer for me? I’m quite curious!

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