Election Day = Go Out & Vote!

Well the historic day is finally here. By the end of the night (more likely tomorrow morning), history will be made when we elect either the first African American President or Female Vice-President.

I am not going to try & influence anyone to vote for one candidate over the other. The one thing I will try my best to do is to urge everyone to go out & vote regardless of who you support. It does not matter whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or Independent. If you have a candidate that you support, go out & prove it by engaging in one of the best freedoms afforded to us.

One last thing, although most of the attention is on the Presidential election & rightfully so, I urge you to do your homework on your local elected officials. These individuals are the ones who will most shape the area in which you reside. I’ve done my homework & regardless if my choices win or lose, I will come home knowing I did my homework & voted with knowledge & not blind party affiliation.

So I now must bid you adieu as I go walk to my polling place. So go out & vote or I will beat you up!

P.S. Check to see how transit friendly your local elected officials up for election have been.

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I always tell my friends, both here in Spain or there in the States, that we have the privilege to live in democracy and that’s enough reason to speak up our voices, every four years, regardless of our political preference. And, as you noted (and everyone does, by the way), this is an historic day for the United States.

I already voted for my choice (by absentee ballot)!


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