Editorial Says Straphangers Are Being Treated Unfairly

The bleak picture of the MTA’s finances is news to no one at this point. Riders should expect to have to shoulder the majority of the burden that the MTA is under due to the inept actions of former leaders such as Gov. Pataki & MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow among other people & actions. An editorial that will appear in today’s edition talks about how the city & state are treating the straphangers unfairly due to the city & state leaving the MTA hung out to dry in the funding department:

Heaven help you if you are among the New Yorkers who own a home, buy clothing, hold a job and rely on mass transit. You are going to pay and pay and pay and pay still more because the state and city say they need you to pay and pay and pay still more.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority Monday joined the roster of governmental bankrupts with a warning that, barring a huge infusion of cash, it will be forced to boost fares on subways, buses and commuter railroads next year – while severely cutting service.

Paying more and getting less has become New York’s recurring nightmare as Wall Street tax revenue has shriveled in the global financial crisis.

Last week, Mayor Bloomberg called for canceling real estate tax breaks along with hiking the income tax and sales taxes on clothing. Next week, Gov. Paterson is to propose the first in a series of mammoth budget cuts that would slash aid for everything from schools to hospitals.

And now, the economic downturn that cut the legs out from under the state and city has pushed the MTA’s already shaky finances into an abyss.

In July, the agency proposed an 8% rise in the fare for next year to balance the books. That was bad enough, but it wasn’t nearly as painful as the increase that’s in the offing. A hike of 20% is well within the realm of possibility.

Working- and middle-class New Yorkers cannot withstand a hit of that magnitude on top of getting squeezed from every other direction. Nor can the city afford to let deteriorating mass transit drag down the quality of life and further damage the region’s economic health.

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I’m exhausted right now as I type this. Lets just say I feel the editorial is very accurate & helps paint part of the bleak picture that is the MTA & its finances.

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When the 7 day cards last year went up a buck,I told my wife to start getting the 2 week card which would be 50 cents cheaper per week on the average…..my next step is telling her to get the 30 day card so whatever the price goes up to,it softens the blow.Although I understand what the unlimited rides and bonuses do for everyone….but if Patterson wants to make money and shore up the deficit,I have an easy solution and not going to be very popular…..kill the unlimited ride cards as well as the 15% bonus.I know that may not be a popular especially with the asian community….but the MTA loses money with them using their 30 day cards an average 600 times a month. Trust experience.

Well your proposal is an interesting one even though I admit I am a huge fan of the 30 day unlimited card.

I do have a question though, wouldn’t your wife qualify to receive a free pass due to being your spouse? I know my mom has a pass due to my dad being a bus driver. I assumed you are a bus driver as well.

If you work for the subways they barely want to let you ride for free never mind a spouse. If you didn’t have to get into the system to report to work they would take away our passes for sure. LIRR and MetroNorth get a few passes for family and to give away though.

Transit Blogger,

One block to the left of my house is an MTA train station. One and a half blocks to the right is an MTA bus stop. I work for the MTA and cannot use either of these 2 services without paying full price!!

I think that is absolutely pathetic! If other employees can get passes to give out, so should subway workers. I feel bad for the hard working employees of the MTA who get shafted from all directions.

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