Congestion Pricing

Where do I begin? Lets see, I HATE the idea! As if the every day New Yorker does not have their money spread so thin, here comes another idea to take more cash away. I applaud Mayor Bloomberg for trying new things to improve the financial stability of NYC. However this plan is taking it one step too far.

I have read & heard many who are against the proposal. I’m not the least bit surprised at the amount of opposition to the proposal. What shocks me is the people who support it & the bullshit they are spewing. How can anyone say with a straight face that this proposal won’t cause problems for the transportation infrastructure? The subway system is bursting at the seams especially on the Lexington Avenue corridor. If this proposal went into play, could the subway really handle the high % of new daily straphangers?

If you ride the subway everyday especially on corridors like Lexington Avenue & 7th Avenue, you already know the answer is no! One would think that Mr. Straphanger Bloomberg would understand this since he is such a big subway rider (lmao).

I guess when push comes to shove, there are $500,000,000 reasons why he is ignoring the obvious!

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