A Sad Reality…….

Lets face it, the economy for just about everyone is in the dumps right now. We will most likely face only the second ever back to back fare increase in MTA history (the only occurrence being in 1980 & 1981) next year. The MTA Is strapped for cash & is desperate for any sort of funds. Unless something drastic changes in the near future, expect many projects to be scaled back, delayed, or canceled altogether. These issues were not lost on Mayor Bloomberg as he described the state of the MTA’s finances & construction projects this past Friday on his weekly guest co-host appearance on WOR710 AM’s “The John Gambling Show” by describing the MTA’s construction plan as being in “shambles”. He also went on to say…

I think there is a very good likelihood that we are going to have to face the issue of a fare increase or something else. The city doesn’t have any money to give. We are out of money.”

While I am tired of him & many others going back to the so called “trump excuse card” of the failed congestion pricing plan & it supposedly curing all, he is pretty accurate about the current state of the MTA’s finances. While the system has not gone back to the dark days of the 70’s & 80’s, can we really chance that not happening if things continue as they are? I am 100% confident that we can’t chance that happening & something needs to be done.

At this point no matter at what cost, the government must find a way to give the MTA funds it needs & deserves to give us the riding public a transit system that we can count on. Enough with the cat & mouse games, pony up the cash one way or another. Where is all this so called money that politicians like Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver & especially Assemblyman Richard Brodsky claimed they would have for the MTA back when they were playing the “good guys” trying to stop the last fare hike from coming through.

I especially feel that of all politicians Assemblyman Richard Brodsky should be called out. While I supported him in the fight to stop a fare hike, I now wonder if his words were just empty promises. I vividly recall him fighting tooth & nail to prevent the recent fare hike & making one statement after another about his desire to help the MTA secure the funds it needs & deserves. Mr. Brodsky, do you remember some of your statements such as:

I know that I remember these statements very well. Now what have you done to really help us of late?

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