Train Crew Disciplined

Late last month, some troubling allegations were directed towards a motorman & conductor on the 4  Train. The two employees allegedly allowed a child into their respective cabs. After an investigation, the two have been disciplined via an arbitrator’s decision. Here are the complete details courtesy of a press release just sent out by MTA New York City Transit:

MTA New York City Transit’s Office of System Safety and the MTA Inspector General have concluded a joint investigation into allegations that a child was allowed into the operating cab of an uptown-bound 4 train and was allowed to operate the train on Sunday, July 26, 2009. The investigation concluded that the train operator allowed the child to enter her cab while the train was in operation; the investigation also found that the conductor allowed the child into the conductor’s cab. However, the investigation failed to find credible evidence that the train operator allowed the child to operate the train. After the report of the incident, the train crew was removed from service without pay.

Both employees were charged with allowing an unauthorized person in an operating cab. An arbitrator has issued a time-served suspension of 20 work days without pay with a final warning to both employees.

“Allowing the entry of an unauthorized person into the cab of a subway train is a matter that we take extremely seriously,” said Steven Feil, Senior Vice President of Subways. “Department of Subways’ management will reinstruct all subway operating employees of the importance of following the safety rule that prohibits the entry of anyone into the operating compartment of a subway train who is not authorized to be there.”

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