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This morning, MTA New York City Transit held a special ceremony at the New York Transit Museum to honor 34 employees. They were awarded “Medals of Excellence” for their acts of bravery, heroism, & quick thinking – both on and of duty – that resulted in saved lives or injury being averted. Here are the complete details in a press release that was sent out just a short time ago:

MTA New York City Transit officials today awarded Medals of Excellence honoring 34 NYC Transit employees that have either aided customers or fellow employees in distress, in some cases putting their lives in danger. Medals were awarded in three distinct categories: Heroism, Commendation and Distinguished Service. Today’s ceremony was held at the New York Transit Museum located at Boerum Place and Schermerhorn Street in Brooklyn.

The Heroism Medal was awarded to 11 employees who went above and beyond the call of duty in six incidents. Each of these employees acted swiftly and selflessly in rescuing and assisting ill or forlorn customers who were suicidal, saving them from being struck by a train. For example, Messrs. Flaxman, Damilatis, Traver and Mirsky of Capital Program Management acted heroically in saving a male customer who had fallen onto the roadbed in the Broadway Junction station on October 17, 2008. Their coordinated efforts in communicating with the dazed customer, the train operator of the oncoming train and the Rail Control Center helped save the man’s life.

Similarly, Mr. Roger Hoffmann of Maintenance of Way Engineering saved a female Metro-North rider at the Cold Spring station on December 8, 2008. The woman lost her balance and fell onto the roadbed from the opposite platform. Mr. Hoffman immediately jumped onto the roadbed and was able to stop the oncoming train with a hand signal. His decisive action helped avert a potentially tragic outcome.

In another incident, Mr. Raymond Blackman of AFC Maintenance in Subways came to the aid of a station agent who was being threatened outside the booth at the 8th Avenue station on the N line on January 10, 2009. The assailant punched Mr. Blackman in the mouth, knocking out a lower tooth, after being asked to calm down. Mr. Blackman wrestled with the assailant, subdued him, and held him until police arrived. This unselfish and courageous act to protect a fellow employee has earned Mr. Blackman a Heroism Medal.

Likewise, Mr. Jose Montalvo of Revenue was also awarded a Heroism Medal for coming to the aid of a defenseless woman who was being pummeled by a man in a parked car outside the 45th Street station in Brooklyn on November 22, 2008. After Mr. Montalvo shouted for the assailant to stop, the assailant came out of the car throwing punches at him. Mr. Montalvo was able to defend himself and subsequently subdue his attacker, who was restrained until police arrived. Mr. Montalvo fractured his knuckle during this exchange.

“Each of our approximately 70,000 workers is part of an MTA family that performs an incredible job of moving nine million New Yorkers safely and conveniently everyday,” said Elliot G. Sander, MTA Executive Director and CEO. “But today, we honor these 35 MTA NYC Transit employees who gave a bit more of themselves through these acts of bravery and selflessness.”

NYC Transit President Howard H. Roberts, Jr. congratulated these employees for their brave and courageous efforts in rendering assistance and in preventing fatalities on the tracks. “The safety of our customers and employees continues to be our top priority and these acts of a few selfless and dedicated Transit workers really sets the tone for the rest of the agency,” Roberts said.

Eighteen employees were awarded Commendation Medals for individual and collective efforts in 11 incidents portraying various acts of selflessness. An example is Mr. Patrick Biggs of Car Equipment, who was able to calm and reassure a 14-year-old distraught female who was running along the roadbed at the Ralph Avenue station in Brooklyn. Mr. Biggs succeeded in gaining her trust, and lifted her onto the station platform where help was waiting.

The Distinguished Service Medal was awarded to five employees for their continued outstanding and efficient service to NYC Transit.

Nominations for potential honorees were sent to our Employee Recognition Program Committee in the Office of Workforce Development, which selected today’s honored employees that met the committee’s criteria in the three categories.

Recipients of Medals of Excellence:

Name – Position – Medal Received

Max Bataille – Cleaner – Heroism

Raymond Blackman – Structure Maintainer – Heroism

Olugbade Carter – Cleaner – Heroism

George Damilatis – Principal Engineer – Heroism

Louis Flaxman – Project Engineer – Heroism

Abraham Gatling – Superintendent – Heroism

Roger Hoffmann – Architect – Heroism

Martin Mirsky – Project Administrator – Heroism

Jose Montalvo – Collecting Agent – Heroism

Glen Schneider – Tower Operator – Heroism

Philip Traver – Computer Specialist – Heroism

Santos Bartolomely, Jr. – Conductor – Commendation

Patrick Biggs – Road Car Inspector – Commendation

Joseph D. Branca – Train Svc Supervisor – Commendation

Erik A. Clarke – Superintendent – Commendation

Kim Dixon – Train Operator – Commendation

Garfield Jenkins – Train Operator – Commendation

Bruce Johnson – Superintendent – Commendation

Ivan Kelly – Road Car Inspector – Commendation

Edward Loegel – Train Svc Supervisor – Commendation

John Logan – Superintendent – Commendation

Clifford McDonald – Cleaner – Commendation

Tony Mitchell – Cleaner – Commendation

Conrad Morris – Train Dispatcher – Commendation

Kingsley Nwaneri – Cleaner – Commendation

Walter Staniszewski – Train Operator – Commendation

Austin Taylor – Train Operator – Commendation

Courtney E. Tulloch – Train Src Supervisor – Commendation

Stephanie White – Cleaner – Commendation

Olasupo Adewolu – Resident Engineer – Distinguished Svc.

Syed Haque – Electrical Engineer – Distinguished Svc.

Charles Newen – Assoc. Project Engr. – Distinguished Svc.

Beverly Phillip – Budget Manager – Distinguished Svc.

Chiu Rex Tung – Project Engineer – Distinguished Svc.

I would like to congratulate these employees for earning such a distinguished honor.

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