MTA Workers File Grievance

The job of a MTA employee especially those who work underground can be very tough & sometimes downright brutal & toxic. I personally know many such workers personally over the years who have complained to me about the conditions. So when I saw an exclusive report by Nicole Johnson of Pix11, it came as no surprise to hear its content:

Some MTA employees say they literally can’t get a break while working their shifts. With a lack of bathrooms and lunch breaks, their patience is running short.

Train operator Kim McLaurin and her colleagues — conductor Tramell Thompson and train operator Trevor Logan — told PIX11 in an exclusive interview that their working conditions are unbearable.

“There are no accommodations for pregnant women down there imagine what happens when you have to use the bathroom,” McLaurin, who’s spent nine years working as a train operator, said.

Thompson filed a grievance on behalf of a pregnant employee he said was denied a bathroom break.

Click here for the full report including the exclusive sit down interview.

As I mentioned earlier, the content of this report came as no surprise to me. I have been hearing of such complaints for years from subway workers & similar issues with bus drivers as well.

Growing up in a family that has worked for the MTA, I have seen first hand how employees are looked at as nothing more than a number or as pieces of meat with no regards for their overall well being. Sadly I can’t say the union has always had the backs of their fellow man as a number of higher ups tended to be more concerned with their pockets & stroke versus being the best representative they could be. Hopefully this will change in the near future even though if past history is any indicator, employees still have a ways to go!

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