Bus Driver Sues MTA

54 year old bus driver Alberto Rosario was falsely accused of roughing up a man. Even though charges were never filed, MTA bosses tried to have the driver fired anyhow. Here is more in the brief report by Josh Saul of the New York Post:

A city bus driver is suing the MTA for trying to fire him after he got into an altercation with a man outside his bus, court papers say.

Alberto Rosario, 54, claims he was falsely accused of roughing up a man named Stephen Lopez, who had been furiously banging on the bus door before the February incident, the driver’s Brooklyn federal court suit claims.

Rosario says that when he left the bus, Lopez tried to punch him but missed. When cops arrived, Lopez accused the driver of assault, but cops didn’t press charges.

Despite no police action, Rosario’s MTA bosses moved to fire him for “assaulting a passenger, incompetence, failing to report an incident . . . based on Lopez’s accusations,” the federal papers state.

The termination is in arbitration. Rosario wants $30 million and to keep his job.

Growing up around a dad & grandfather who were bus drivers for the MTA, I know their protocol when such incidents do occur. The only thing I could see them having Alberto on is for not reporting the incident if that was even the case.

However how could they try to terminate him for “assaulting a passenger” when law enforcement clearly felt he did not. Their word by default is more legitimate versus the opinion of the MTA. It should come as no surprise that a lot of politics occur at depots all over the city. For all we know, this could be them trying to get rid of someone who is not an ass kisser & such.

I hope that Alberto prevails in what comes off as a severe injustice to him from his own employer.

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