Workers Should Keep Their Raises

Last month, one of the major topics in the world of local transportation, was the battle between the MTA & TWU. The latest round in the long standing feud focused on the MTA’s desire to have the 11% raises awarded to TWU Local 100 members, by an arbitration panel, overturned. A few days ago, two MTA Board members shared their feeling that the raises awarded to workers should stand. Pete Donohue of the New York Daily News has more:

The MTA should stop trying to void a transit workers contract featuring generous wage increases, two of the authority’s board members said Wednesday.

Last month, an arbitration panel approved the raises and a reduction in health care contributions by union members after the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the union failed to craft a contract deal through negotiations.

After the award was released, MTA executives blasted it as too costly. They asked a judge to toss out the pact, saying the panel made legal and factual errors.

MTA board members Norman Seabrook and Mitchell Pally said the authority should take its medicine and live with the contract’s terms.

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I am glad to see that some board members understand that the MTA needs to stop fighting the arbitration panel’s binding decision. One would think that TWU members were awarded the sun, moon, & stars based on the immediate objection to these raises. Most workers deserve these raises considering the mostly tireless & thankless job that they do everyday. It is a shame that the people who should know this, refuse to rightfully acknowledge & reward these individuals.

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