Transit Workers Poised For Healthy Raises

In a story that will be sure to piss off the anti-union & anti-blue collar workers that keep the MTA running, transit workers are poised for healthy raises as part of a new contract. The raises which come out to 4% annually would increase costs for the MTA by approximately $400 million. Pete Donohue of the New York Daily News has more in this exclusive report:

Transit workers appear poised to win a generous contract with healthy 4% annual raises and lower health care contributions that could blow a huge hole in the MTA’s finances, sources tell the Daily News.

Despite recent fare hikes and the punishing recession, transit union officials argued that they deserve a 12% hike over three years, partly because city employees have received similar increases.

A three-man arbitration panel is expected to announce the terms of the new contract for bus and subway workers as early as Monday or Tuesday. The expected annual raises of about 4%, 4% and 3.5% would increase Metropolitan Transportation Authority costs by more than $400 million.

Transit workers and management had reached the framework of a deal in face-to-face talks last year, but the contract wound up going to arbitration in January after Mayor Bloomberg raised behind-the-scenes objections.

Both the MTA and the transit union agreed to abide by the panel’s decision, and workers are not expected to repeat their illegal strike of 2005.

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I am exhausted at the moment so I will have to address this some more later. I expect to see a lot of people speak out against this as many feel that the typical MTA worker is lazy & overpaid. While those with a clue know that this is not the case, the niche that believe in such idiocy clearly exists & will be out in full force.

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