MTA Says Doomsday Scenario Can Be Avoided

Since this past Wednesday when the MTA Board approved to enact the “doomsday scenario” budget, many transit advocates & riders have expressed their frustration with the skyrocketing costs & service cuts. While the prospects of reversing seem low, the MTA says it is possible to do just that. Pete Donohue of the New York Daily News takes a look into this:

There’s still time for state officials in Albany to rescue riders facing painful service cuts and sky-high fare hikes, the MTA brass said Wednesday.

“We really have the month of April before people get impacted,” Metropolitan Transportation Authority CEO Elliot Sander said.

“You could reverse some of these actions in May, but they will already start taking place in terms of hitting our customers.”

Transit officials said Wednesday’s vote was necessary because of the lead-in time necessary to implement the fare hikes and service cuts if there is no state rescue plan.

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Technically speaking, the MTA is correct in saying the “doomsday scenario” can be reversed. However we are talking about Albany here. Regardless of what State Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith claims, I will not consider the chances of a reversal of fortune to be good. The inaction of Albany during this whole ordeal & their overall history gives all the ammunition one needs to feel this way. If this is your first go around with watching Albany in action regarding the MTA, do you have high hope in a reversal of fortune? I doubt it.

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