MTA Looks To Cut About 700 White-Collar Jobs

The big story of late has been the never-ending war between the MTA & Transport Workers Union Local 100 (TWU Local 100). The latest battle has been about the MTA’s cuts & more attempted to blue-collar jobs held by union members.

In my analysis, I repeatedly questioned why we did not hear more about the MTA’s cutting of white-collar jobs in an agency overrun with redundant positions. Today’s New York Daily News takes a look at how the agency is looking to cut 700 such jobs. Pete Donohue has more:

The MTA will lay off hundreds of administrative workers in the coming weeks as it struggles to close a budget gap without slashing service, the Daily News has learned.

Looking to eliminate about 700 slots, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority offered buyouts to white-collar workers at its Madison Ave. headquarters and other offices.

But fewer than 350 staffers, ranging from clerical workers to at least one senior vice president, signed up for the package.

The rest will be axed or reassigned, officials said.

“What we tried to do with the severance is set it up in a way to maximize the number of people who raise their hand and avail themselves of it,” NYC Transit President Tom Prendergast said. “You want to have people voluntarily leave because it minimizes the number of people who then have to go involuntarily.”

The buyout offered payments up to $20,000.

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I am glad to finally see some coverage about job cuts to the white-collar workforce. I am not celebrating people potentially losing their jobs. I just know the absolute redundancy that goes on behind the scenes & many of these white-collar jobs are not needed.

If the agency is going to preach fiscal problems as the reason to eliminate blue-collar jobs, they have to follow the same premise on the other side. However if they are to truly do this, they needed to eliminate a much higher number of jobs on the white-collar end.

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