MTA CEO Elliot Sander Discusses The MTA’s Financial Hardship

MTA CEO/Executive Director Elliot Sander sat down with NY1 Transit Reporter Bobby Cuza to discuss the financial hardship currently being felt by the MTA. Mr. Sander’s comments echo the same message we have heard for months which we all know is very grim. Here is a sample of Bobby’s report:

CEO Lee Sander says the moment of reckoning is approaching for the MTA transit agency. After borrowing billions and billions of dollars during Governor George Pataki’s administration to pay for system repairs, with no real plan for how to pay that money back, the bills are finally coming due.

“What is just most important is for New Yorkers to realize that the future of the city and the region is at risk,” said Sander.

Click here for the complete report.

Honestly this report did not break any grounds in terms of new news. This of course is no fault to Bobby who does a great job bringing transit news to the forefront. The sad part for me is just listening or reading Elliot’s thoughts on the current state of finances at the MTA. I sit there & wonder how long will it take to get out of this mess. I wonder if we actually can as it is hard to change a culture that has systematically led to this breaking point. While many will scream for the MTA to better manage their money, I will sit back & wish it was that easy to fix the current state of financial disrepair.

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