Gov. Patterson Issues A Statement On Free Perks

Earlier today, New York State Governor David A. Patterson issued a statement on the hotly debated issue of free perks received by Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) board members. Here is his statement courtesy of the New York State Governor website:

According to published reports, some members of the MTA board are considering voting in opposition to Chairman Hemmerdinger’s proposal to restrict their own personal use of free E-ZPass tags, commuter rail passes, and other special benefits. At a time when millions of state residents are feeling the pinch of an economy in turmoil and struggling to support their families, such a decision would demonstrate an utter contempt for average New Yorkers. And according to Attorney General Cuomo, it would violate the law. These board members, while valuable to the MTA, are certainly not above the law. If MTA board members truly want to better understand the system they oversee, they should pay the same tolls and fares as everyone else, and be part of the public transportation system that millions of New Yorkers depend on every day.

Gov. Patterson is 100% correct on his thoughts. Someone really needs to show these board members that they are not above the law. If it takes a lawsuit & fallout from it, so be it.

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