Senator Blumenthal Safety Blunder

The Metro-North has been taking a beating from all angles for quite sometime. Whether it is the agency’s failed maintenance or the deadliest accident in the agency’s history.

Unfortunately the beating continued this past week when Democratic Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal demanded accountability after learning the agency racked up $552,000 stemming from 139 violations in the last 10 years.

The senator’s biggest message was on how the agency needed to improve its safety accountability which is what makes this past Friday’s incident hilarious.

Mr. Blumenthal was holding a press conference at the Milford Metro-North station when he almost got blown off the platform along with his easel & chart. Check out the video by clicking here.

While his message is right in terms of the agency needed to make major safety accountability changes, I can’t help but laugh at how ridiculous he comes off in the video in what was almost a historic pot calling the kettle black moment.

Do not preach safety & proceed to stand in the clearly marked caution area not only with your body but an easel as well! Who sets up these photo ops & does not use common sense when doing so? The answer: Senator Blumenthal’s people.

In my best Cris Carter or Keyshawn Johnson voice, C’MON MAN!

xoxo Transit Blogger

xoxo Transit Blogger

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