Metro-North Retaliates Against Injured Workers

Earlier this evening, the New York Post took a look at how Metro-North retaliated against four workers who were injured on the job. The division of the MTA was charged with attempting to cover up the injuries by falsely classifying them as off the job injuries among other things. Tom Namako has more in this brief report:

Metro-North Railroad officials tried to cover up and retaliate against four employees who were injured on the job, according to a federal investigation.

The MTA now has to pay each worker $75,000 for medical expenses, lawyer fees, and lost wages, ruled the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Railroad bigs disciplined the four workers for reporting their injuries, interfered with medical treatment, and reclassified them as off-the-job incidents, said Jordan Barab an assistant secretary at the agency.

Barab called the officials’ actions “unacceptable.”

Unfortunately I am not the least bit surprised these events took place. If you work for the MTA or know people who do, this type of worker abuse is not uncommon. These issues are almost exclusively among the blue collar employees who are the heart & soul of the transit agency. I have lost count of all the political b.s. family members & friends in all parts of the agency have been forced to deal with. I am glad that those guilty of these actions were caught & that the MTA must pay out. Honestly, those responsible should also be terminated without question.

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