Metro North Makes Lower Harlem Line Improvements

Yesterday afternoon, the MTA Metro-North announced its plans to make improvements on the Lower Harlem Line on July 22 & 23. Here are the details:

MTA Metro-North Railroad today announced that to ensure the on-going reliability and safety of the Harlem and New Haven Lines, crews will perform critical work on the Bronx Drainage project, installing a series of drain pipes, inlets and connections to city sewers.

The drainage facilities are installed both beneath and outside the tracks between Melrose and Tremont, which requires removing one of the tracks from service for this crucial work.

As a result of this infrastructure improvement work, northbound trains will not be able to stop at the Melrose platform between 6 a.m., Saturday, July 22, and 5 a.m., Monday, July 24.  During this time, Metro-North will provide substitute buses from Melrose to Tremont, where passengers may board northbound trains to their Bronx, Westchester and Dutchess destinations. Buses will depart Melrose approximately 15 minutes earlier than scheduled trains. Regularly scheduled northbound train service will resume at Melrose at 5 a.m. on Monday, July 24.

To Melrose, Saturday, July 22 – Sunday, July 23

Customers traveling from Grand Central Terminal and Harlem-125th Street to Melrose will take the train to Tremont and then switch to a southbound train back to Melrose. The connecting train to Melrose will board on the “Inbound to Grand Central Terminal” platform at Tremont, requiring passengers to walk from the “Outbound to White Plains/Wassaic” platform, up to the street and to the staircase leading to the “Inbound to Grand Central Terminal” platform.

*Note: Passengers on the trains scheduled to arrive at Tremont at 11:58 p.m. and 1:37 a.m. will transfer to a bus for the return to Melrose.

Service details are below:

From Melrose, Saturday, July 22 – Sunday, July 23

Customers traveling from Melrose station to Westchester, Bronx or Dutchess stations will take a bus to the Tremont station for continuing northbound service.  The buses will operate approximately 15 minutes earlier than scheduled trains.

*Note: southbound service at the Melrose station will be unaffected by this service change. Customers may continue to board their southbound train on the inbound platform to Grand Central Terminal.

Service details are below: 

Make sure to check out the MTA’s website for any potential last minute changes.

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