Metro-North Increases Service For Independence Day

Metro-North train departing the Harlem-125th Street station.
Metro-North train departing the Harlem-125th Street station. Resized photo courtesy of Eye On Transit

The Metro-North has issued a press release about the planned service increase for the Independence Day holiday. Here are the details courtesy of the MTA:

This year, Independence Day is more than just a day. It’s a holiday weekend, now that July 4th is on a Friday.

And MTA Metro-North Railroad is providing extra service for early getaways and for people coming into New York to watch the fireworks spectacular.

There will be many additional customers using Metro-North trains from Grand Central on Thursday, July 3. And these additional customers as well as the every day customers are expected to leave earlier than usual.

In fact, during the 12 noon through 4 p.m. time frame when 12,000 customers climb aboard trains departing Grand Central, those numbers are expected to triple to 36,000 on Thursday, July 3rd.

In order to accommodate everyone’s getaway needs, Metro-North will be providing 6 additional Hudson Line departures from 1:45 p.m. through 5:59 p.m.; 5 additional Harlem Line departures from 1:45 p.m. through 6:10 p.m.; and 10 New Haven Line departures from 1:04 p.m. through 5:59 p.m.

All regularly scheduled Friday Only departures on all three lines will operate on Thursday, July 3.

Some later evening peak trains will be eliminated or combined due to expected lower ridership numbers at these times.

All of these additional and Friday only trains as well as those being eliminated or combined are listed on the timetables. Information can also be obtained through Metro-North website at

Customers traveling into Manhattan for the Macy’s Fourth of July fireworks should purchase round-strip tickets from their home train station. All Friday fares will be off peak and trains will operate on a Sunday schedule.

Plus, there will be an additional 4:21 p.m. inbound express train from Poughkeepsie, an additional 7:40 p.m. inbound semi-express from Southeast, and an additional 5:28 p.m. semi-express from New Haven.

For those going home after the fireworks, there will be an additional 10:50 p.m. departure on the Hudson Line, a 10:54 p.m. departure on the Harlem Line, and a 10:57 p.m. departure on the New Haven Line.

And these trains, as well, are listed in the regular timetables and on the website.

The popular fireworks display at Rye Playland will be accommodated with both extra buses and extra trains serving serving the Playland 7 p.m. through midnight on Friday, July 4th.

Connecting services with Metro-North will also be geared up for the July 3rd getaway but will NOT operate on Friday, July 4.

The Hudson Rail Link, besides running normal service, will provide a p.m. peak level of buses beginning with the 3:20 p.m. Hudson Line departure.

The Tappan Zee Express will have additional buses at the ready for the expected additional customers.

The Haverstraw-Ossining Ferry Rail Link will provide its regular service, but it will have an extra early ferry to meet the 2:54 p.m. Hudson Line departure from Grand Central. There will also be a connection to the extra 5:59 Hudson Line departure from Grand Central.

The Newburgh-Beacon Ferry Rail Link will provide the following extra early ferries to meet the following Hudson Line departure from Grand Central: 2:36 p.m.; 2:50 p.m.; and the 4:05 p.m. The ferry will also meet the special extra departure from grand Central, the 5:32 p.m.

The Berkshire bus will provide its northbound service on Thursday evening, but will not operate on Friday, July 4.

Extra trains are listed in the regular timetables and on the website. Customers may also call for information at 800-METRO-INFO from outside of NYC, and 212-532-4900 from within NYC. Those who are hearing impaired may call via teleprinter 800-724-3322.

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