Metro-North Finalizes A Collective Bargaining Agreement

In the last piece of Metro-North news for Tuesday December 11th, the MTA announced that the Metro-North has finalized a collective bargaining agreement with the Association Of Commuter Railroad Employees Division 166. Here is the full press release courtesy of the MTA:

Metro-North has reached agreement with the last of its 19 bargaining units, the railroad announced Monday.

The 222 members of the signalmen’s union, the Association of Commuter Railroad Employees Division 166, ratified the contract last month and the agreement was approved by the board of directors of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority at its last meeting.

“With wages and working conditions settled for Metro-North’s 4,900 union-represented workers through 2010, the railroad and its employees can better focus on continual improvement of the safe, reliable service we provide every day,” said Metro-North President Peter A. Cannito.

Work rule and productivity gains were achieved in this round of talks.

This contract, which is retroactive to January 1, 2007, was extended six months beyond the usual three-year term to June 15, 2010, to help pay for some of the contract changes, notably an improved pension plan similar to that offered to management employees.

The ACRE signalmen were the last to sign because of work rule issues unique to their craft, the railroad said.

It is nice to know that an agreement was reached. It is never a bad thing to have all of your ducks in a row as far as agreements are concerned. Now ladies & gentlemen, lets get to work!

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