Drunk Man Survies Fall Onto Tracks

Yesterday evening a drunk man survived after falling onto the tracks at the Metro-North’s Brewster Village station. The Associated Press (via The New York Daily News) had the brief story:

BREWSTER, N.Y. – Metro-North police say a “highly intoxicated” man who fell off the platform as a train pulled into the Brewster Village station has escaped serious injury.

Police say the train rolled right over the man but most of his injuries were the result of his fall.

The incident occurred as the train was entering the station about 8:30 p.m. Wednesday. The man toppled about 5 feet onto the tracks but apparently landed parallel to the rails.

A witness called 911, and firefighters were able to extricate the man from beneath the train. He was taken to Putnam Hospital.

The man’s name was unavailable Wednesday.

People who can not handle their alcohol make me sick. While it is a good thing this man did not get behind the wheel, it does not mean he should be riding public transportation. His actions could have been just as costly as if he did step behind the wheel. Hopefully he is thankful for surviving a fall most wouldn’t have & uses this opportunity to make better decisions in the future.

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this is why alcohol disgusts me, among other reasons.. If you kno you’re an idiot when you drink then take a cab.. If you dont have money for one then you shouldnt be out boozing..

Hello TGG,

You are absolutely correct with your feelings on irresponsible drinkers. They never seem to worry about how they cause harm to others besides themselves. Unfortunately in too many cases they don’t even realize the self inflicted harm they cause.

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