3 Metro North Workers Caught w/ Whiskey & Pot

In a story that will sure be used an example of why MTA workers are overpaid & undeserving of their jobs, 3 Metro-North Railroad workers were caught in an office underneath Grand Central Terminal with whiskey & pot. Pete Donohue of the New York Daily News has more:

Grand Central was Party Central for a trio of on-duty Metro-North Railroad workers busted for having whiskey and pot in an underground office, the Daily News has learned.

Investigators with the MTA inspector general’s office interrupted the three men – a maintenance supervisor, a crew foreman and a mason – just 20 minutes into their overnight shift inside the historic terminal Thursday night, authorities said.

Acting on a tip, investigators and MTA police detectives discovered the men sitting around a table with a small amount of marijuana in plastic bags and a half-empty bottle of the hard stuff, MTA spokesman Aaron Donovan said.

A Breathalyzer test indicated one of the men drank the alcohol, according to the MTA.

Supervisor Stephen Hussey, 43, of Massapequa, L.I.; foreman Eugene Sokolowski, 45, of upstate Highland, and mason Thomas Palazzola, 47, of St. James, L.I., each received a summons for alleged marijuana possession, Donovan said.

They are to appear next month in Midtown Community Court. They couldn’t be reached for comment Friday.

Metro-North took action against the employees while launching an internal investigation.

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I am absolutely appalled at the alleged actions of these workers. Ignoring the fact that I am 100% against any sort of drugs & consider weed to be one, workers who are on the clock have zero business horsing around with such substances. One has to wonder if a co-worker turned them in as to know where to find these guys tells me it could not have been a rider.

Regardless of how the MTA Inspector General’s office was tipped off, I feel these workers should be fired if these events turn out to be true. It is one thing to fall asleep while in a token booth for instance, but it is a whole other ball game when alcohol & drugs are involved.

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Selected few who got caught n in every company there are bad seeds. You are just jealous cause u r non union. U r ignorant n don’t understand that management is to blame for not handling funds correctly an not giving contracts on time. Four years no raise n
We r underpaid. Cost of living n everyone has to eat n provide for there family.

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