Remodeled GWB Bus Station Won’t Feature Big Retail

I decided to visit Streetsblog a few minutes ago & noticed they had an article up about the soon to be remodeled George Washington Bridge Bus Station. The article focused on a report in The Manhattan Times which stated that the plan to bring “big retail” into the remodeled station has been nixed. The issue at hand is the amount of vehicular traffic that would be brought into the neighborhood. Brad Aaron of Streetsblog has more:

Plans to bring “big box” retail to a remodeled George Washington Bridge Bus Station have been scuttled due to fears that it would attract more car-commuting shoppers to Washington Heights.

Instead, according to the Manhattan Times, the Port Authority will build spaces for about a dozen smaller commercial shops and offices, says PA Executive Director Christopher Ward.

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I think it is a smart idea to nix the idea of “big retail” being apart of the remodeled GWB Bus Station. The area is highly congested as it is & adding such stores would only worsen the situation. While on paper it might sound like a great idea to give riders & local residents more shopping choices, the positives have to outweigh the negatives.

In this case, bringing in “big retail” establishments would not only invite local residents to shop but out of area residents as well. One could safely assume that many of these residents would actually be from New Jersey. With this in mind, one could once again safely assume most of these potential shoppers will reach the stores by a means of vehicular transportation. This would beg the question, where would they park? “Big retail” establishments usually come with sizable parking accommodations. The area does not have the means to provide that & in this case, thank goodness for that!

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