More Subpoenas Issued In LIRR Disability Benefits Scandal

The subpoena hammer continues to come down as after the office of NYS Attorney General Andrew Cuomo confirmed that 5 doctors were subpoenaed, word has come out that 4 insurance companies are being subpoenaed. Frank Eltman of the Associated Press filed this brief report:

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s office has confirmed it is issuing subpoenas to five doctors involved in the review process for Long Island Rail Road disability claims.

Cuomo is leading one of four separate investigations into revelations that more than 90 percent of Long Island Rail Road retirees have been granted disability payments by an obscure federal board, allowing them to collect huge payments every year.

Subpoenas also have been issued to four insurance companies that sold LIRR employees private disability policies.

Reviews also have been started by the U.S. attorney in Brooklyn and the inspectors general of the Railroad Retirement Board and the

Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the LIRR’s parent agency.

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