LIRR Service To Dave Matthews Band At Citifield

A short time ago, the MTA Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) announced it will be providing service to the Dave Matthews Band concerts at Citifield on July 16th & 17th. Here are the complete details courtesy of the press release they sent me:

There’s no reason to fight traffic in order to enjoy an evening of the music you enjoy. Taking the MTA Long Island Rail Road to see the Dave Matthews Band at CitiField will get you there a lot faster than “Ants Marching,” so you can “Stay” and have a “Good, Good Time.” On July 16 and July 17, the LIRR will provide eastbound and westbound train service to the Mets-Willets Point Station before and after the concert. To save time, concert-goers are advised to purchase round-trip tickets prior to boarding.

The train ride is just 18 minutes from Penn Station. For those traveling from Long Island, the Mets-Willets Point stop is just six minutes from Woodside, 16 minutes from Great Neck and 27 minutes from Port Washington. The trains will operate on a regular Mets game schedule as follows:

Friday, July 16:

Eastbound: Departing Penn Station at: 3:49 PM, 4:25 PM, 4:46 PM, 5:14 PM, 5:29 PM, 5:50 PM, 5:56 PM, 6:14 PM, 6:42 PM, 7:14 PM, 7:49 PM, 8:19 PM, 8:48 PM, 9:18 PM, 9:48 PM, 10:18 PM, 10:48 PM, 11:18 PM, 11:48 PM, 12:19 AM (Saturday)

Westbound: Departing Port Washington at: 4:06 PM, 4:36 PM, 5:00 PM, 5:23 PM, 6:24 PM, 7:09 PM, 7:39 PM, 8:09 PM, 8:39 PM, 9:09 PM, 9:39 PM, 10:09 PM, 10:39 PM, 11:39 PM, 12:40 AM (Saturday); The following trains will originate at Great Neck: 5:44 PM, 6:04 PM, 6:20 PM, and 6:44 PM.


Saturday, July 17:

Eastbound: Departing Penn Station at: 4:19 PM, 4:52 PM, 5:19 PM, 5:52 PM, 6:19 PM, 6:52 PM, 7:19 PM, 7:52 PM, 8:19 PM, 8:52 PM, 9:19 PM, 9:52 PM, 10:19 PM, 10:52 PM, 11:19 PM, 12:19 AM (Sunday).

Westbound: Departing Port Washington at: 4:10 PM, 4:43 PM, 5:10 PM, 5:43 PM, 6:10 PM, 6:43 PM, 7:10 PM, 7:43 PM, 8:10 PM, 8:43 PM, 9:10 PM, 9:43 PM, 10:10 PM, 10:43 PM, 11:40 PM, and 12:43 AM (Sunday).


Concert-goers traveling from branches other than Port Washington can reach Mets-Willets Point by taking a regularly scheduled train to Woodside Station, then changing to an eastbound Port Washington Branch train. Since Mets-Willets Point is located in Zone 1, tickets to that zone from outlying stations are valid to Mets-Willets Point.

However, passengers must retain their ticket stubs and inform ticket collectors of their intention to travel to Mets-Willets Point Stadium. Customers must hold onto their tickets, which will be collected at Mets-Willets Point after they disembark.

The LIRR’s Mets-Willets Point Station is not handicapped accessible. The subway Flushing Line Mets-Willets Point station is accessible via the Queens-bound local platform, with an ADA ramp connecting to the sidewalk on the south side of Roosevelt Avenue. LIRR Customers with mobility impairments who are traveling to see the Mets should travel to Woodside Station.

At Woodside Station, which has elevators, customers should transfer to a Flushing-bound #7 subway train to the Mets-Willets Point subway stop, and then use the ramp to reach Roosevelt Avenue, across from the ballpark. To return to Woodside after the game, customers with mobility impairments should board the #7 subway and travel one stop east to its end point, the Flushing-Main Street Station. There, after a brief wait on the train, the train will head west to Woodside. This is necessary due to the location of the ramp, which will only permit access to the eastbound platform.

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