Fox5 Takes A Look At A Rowdy LIRR Train

Just a short time ago I was in my kitchen cleaning up when I heard a Fox5 News @ 10 story about to start in regards to a rowdy Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) train. I stopped what I was doing to watch the report & found it to be of no surprise it had to do with a weekend train coming from the Hamptons.

As someone who currently lives on the island, I have spent my share of time partying in the Hamptons. I never took the train to & from there as I found the ride to be way too long. However many people I know have taken the train including the infamous 8:28 pm train from Hampton Bays which originates from Montauk at 7:34 pm.

The report in question highlighted the craziness that stems from the crowd of mostly drunk people who are coming from the Boardy Barn. This is a well known spot out east where the booze is cheap & the times are wild. This is especially the case on Sunday when they have their $2 beer specials. Before I continue on, lets take a look at a blog entry on this train from Fox 5’s Andrea Day:

This story really began when we heard about a train on the LIRR that is so bad that some riders do whatever they can to avoid it. It’s the Sunday night 8:28 out of Hampton Bays — a train that lots of people like to use after a long weekend in the Hamptons.

So I went out east and pulled up to the station to see what the 8:28 was all about. Can I tell you — it was scary! Even buying a ticket on the platform was tough because people in line were totally out of control. They were yelling, pushing, some passed out. I even had to dodge piles of vomit.

I wound up meeting a local cab driver and asked him about the scene. He told me people actually get naked in his cab on the way to the train. He didn’t seem to mind that, but was disgusted when some of them were throwing up in the back seat.

The cops there were very helpful because every time we turned on the camera to shoot, people started jumping in front and screaming.

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As I write this entry, 10 responses have been posted to Andrea’s entry. Some are on the side which I choose to take that these people are irresponsible & are showing a severe lack of maturation in terms of handing their alcohol intake. Others are of the belief that this is not a big deal as they are doing the right thing in taking public transportation as compared to drinking & driving.

Yes, some credit should be given for those who choose to ride the train instead of drink & drive. Unfortunately in our society, too many people lack the common sense to do what is right & way too many innocent people have paid the price. Even with saying that, there is no excuse for the kind of behavior exhibited in Andrea’s first hand report or countless other stories that I & others have seen or heard.

Doing the “right thing” does not give carte blanche for idiocy to reign supreme. While I am not of the belief that paying fares entitles a rider to the perfect ride of their choice, they do have the right to not have to put up with such behavior.

In the end, the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) & perhaps MTA Police need to prohibit alcohol consumption on these trains. When you constantly see this happening from the same crowd type including the consumption of more alcohol by some, you are doing nothing but enabling this behavior. For the prices commuters are paying to ride the LIRR, they deserve better.

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This is just one more, of many, indications that the LIRR does not have control and doesn’t care what happens on their trains.

Ms. Williams talks about improving service – but they are just empty words.

Maybe you guys should eeez up and visit the “boardy barn”…. might find that it is quite enjoyable!!!!!

I think they would rather this commuter crowd to take the train completely wrecked than drink and drive.

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