Filthy LIRR Restrooms Are Unacceptable!

As a commuter on the Long Island Rail Road, I know what it is to pay a premium on commuter costs due to living in the suburbs. One of the things that irk me about the premium costs as compared to the subway are the conditions we are forced to put up with. I have lost count of how many dirty railroad cars I’ve been in or how many newspapers & coffee cups/stains I see all over. However the biggest complaint I notice inside the cars or on any LIRR property are the sad condition of the restrooms. So I was disgusted while not being surprised when I spoke with one of my best friend’s yesterday about this.

When I was on the phone with Dawn, she mentioned how horrible her commute was more so due to the rude people on the subway & on the elevator towards the LIRR platform in Woodside. However even with all of that, she was most disgusted by two recent occurrences while inside restrooms at two different LIRR stations. The first occurrence was at the Jamaica Station where the locks were broken on the stall doors. So she had to hold it in place while her fellow passenger had to use the restroom. The second occurrence was at the Hicksville station the next day where human feces was spotted all over the floor.

I am sorry but these kind of conditions are unacceptable for the premium price we have to pay to use the LIRR. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that subway riders deserve to put up with these conditions (which they already do). I’m just saying that for the money we are forced to pay for inadequate service, we should have better facilities at our disposal. The first step would be to have people clean up after themselves but I can’t ignore the lack of regular cleaning of these facilities. I applauded the fact that she was going to call the LIRR to complain. These conditions are unacceptable & should be taken care of immediately.

So if anyone comes across conditions like this, please don’t just complain about it to your friends, co-workers, etc…, file a complaint with the respective agency & lets hope they follow up & rectify the situations.

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