Buses To Replace Trains On The Ronkonkoma Line

I just received word about buses replacing trains on the Ronkonkoma line this upcoming Saturday. The press release which should be made public later today states:

The MTA Long Island Rail Road will provide bus service in place of trains on the Ronkonkoma Branch during overnight/early-morning hours (12:45 AM to 6:30 AM) on Saturday, September 20, while rail inspections are conducted. Four eastbound and four westbound trains operating through the overnight will be canceled between Farmingdale and Ronkonkoma. To minimize inconvenience to our customers, buses will be provided for passengers to complete their trips.

In performing track inspection, LIRR track maintenance crews will utilize a vehicle fitted with ultrasonic technology and electro-magnetic induction test equipment. This bright yellow vehicle, the Sperry Rail Car, is designed to detect internal rail defects otherwise not readily visible to the eye. Track maintenance workers will immediately correct any defects uncovered.

To ensure that our rails are properly maintained, the Sperry Rail Car is used biannually to inspect approximately 500 miles of LIRR track.

Saturday, September 20 – Farmingdale to Ronkonkoma:

The Sperry Rail Car will be conducting rail tests between Farmingdale and Ronkonkoma between 12:45 AM and 6:30 AM.


Customers on the 12:23 AM, 1:19 AM, 2:46 AM and 4:41 AM trains from Penn Station to Ronkonkoma will transfer to buses at Hicksville for stations Wyandanch through Ronkonkoma. Bethpage and Farmingdale customers will remain on the train to their stations.


Customers on the 12:47 AM, 2:16 AM, 3:48 AM and 5:43 AM trains from Ronkonkoma will board buses at stations Ronkonkoma through Wyandanch and transfer to trains at Hicksville to complete their trips. Customers utilizing Bethpage and Farmingdale stations will board normally scheduled trains.

During this testing, customers should anticipate up to 25 minutes additional travel time.

Well if I’m coming home on the LIRR Friday night/Saturday morning, I will be sure to take the Babylon line instead. Who feels like dealing with shuttle bus service when you are exhausted & want to get home! Just for the record, I am not complaining about this work as it is necessary. I’m just saying how I feel sometimes when I just want to get home & hate having to take the LIRR as it is.

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now there being bus swamp between bronx & manhattan &
staten island.

1. it will better if Gun Hill Depot get 2000 orion5:
#6065 – #6079 , #6103 – #6129 , #6208 – #6215 ,
#6230 – #6235 , #6188 – #6189


give away 1993 – 1995 orion5:
#170 – #202 to Amsterdam depot.

and get 1993 – 1995 orion5 #203 – #239.

Amsterdam depot will get:

2004 orion7; #6653 – #6729.
1993 – 1995 orion5 : #426 – #452 , #170 – #202.

and west farms depot get:

1993 – 1995 orion5: #240 – #269 , #401 – #425
2004 orion7 : #7620 – #7819
1990 RTS NOVA bus: #8470 , #8514
1990 RTS nova bus: #8122 , #8173 , #8125 , #8223

Zerega Avenue maintence facility depot:
will get 1990 RTS NOVA bus:

#8365 will be retire. #8365 will be used as Training

Zerega Avenue Depot should now use 2000 – 2005 MCI bus
#1801 – #3474 as training bus. sometimes.

1994 RTS NOVA bus #9700 , #7183 , #9722 , #9777 , #8522 , #8601 will be retire and now will be used as training bus.

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