2 Men Dead After Being Hit By LIRR Trains

LIRR train departing the Woodside station.
LIRR train departing the Woodside station. Resized photo courtesy of Eye On Transit

Today was not a good day for the Long Island Rail Road as 2 men were killed in separate incidents after being struck by trains. Joseph Mallia of Newsday filed this report:

Two men were hit by Long Island Rail Road trains in unrelated incidents Monday morning, LIRR officials said.

A 3:31 a.m. accident at a Lynbrook station left a 19-year-old Rockville Centre man, Patrick J. Gordon, dead after he tripped or slipped from the platform and fell in front of an oncoming train, officials said. The death did not appear to be a suicide, officials said.

The second accident involved a man described as “an unauthorized person on the tracks” who was hit by an LIRR commuter train east of the Central Islip station Monday morning, railroad officials said. The exact time of the accident was not available, but officials said the train involved was the 11:11 a.m. westbound from Ronkonkoma.

The condition of the man in the Central Islip accident was not immediately available, but it resulted in the Suffolk police sending for the county medical examiner’s office — an apparent indication that this incident, too, was fatal, officials said.

MTA police are investigating, and it’s not clear yet whether the cases would be turned over to Suffolk and Nassau homicide detectives, railroad officials said.

Rush-hour commuter rail service was not affected by the Lynbrook accident.

Commuter trains on the Ronkonkoma branch of the LIRR were delayed between Central Islip and Ronkonkoma. The 11:11 a.m. train, scheduled to arrive at Penn Station at 12:35 p.m., was held at the accident scene. Also delayed was an eastbound train, the 10:15 a.m. from Penn Station, due in Ronkonkoma at 11:40 a.m.

I feel bad for the first victim as it seems his death was an accident. However I do not feel bad for someone being hit by a train when they had no business being on the tracks to begin with. When will people learn that railroad tracks are not a place to be on unless you are qualified to be there? I am sick of this stupidity causing damage not only to the service people depend on but the operator as well.

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As a friend of Pat’s his death is an absolute shock. He’s not a man, he was just a kid, only finishing his freshman year of college. He was the funniest most sarcastic person I had ever met, and I love him dearly. This is a shock to our whole community of friends, and his passing is much too soon. Without a doubt this was absolutley an accident, which should not have been paid for with his life. RiP Peabody.

Hello A Friend,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the tragic accident. I am sorry to hear of your loss. Let me take the moment to wish you & the rest of Peabody’s friends & family only the best as they go through this tragic time.

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How ignorant is it for someone to post that they feel sorry for one tragic death but not for another? Wow! This world is filled with uneducated individuals who have nothing better to do then to pass judgment on people and events they do not even know. First of all, being the niece of Dennis the second man hit by the train, I can tell you that Islip is not considered urban and so its not your typical railroad crossing area with a population of only 31,000. Plus he fell and hit his head on the railings causing him to pass out right on the tracks. Soon after he was struck by the train while still unconscious. So, I urge you people not make malicious comments about things you know nothing about.

Hello Vanessa,

I am not sure I understand your urban point as it doesn’t relate to my opinion of what happened. Most cases of people getting run over by railroads, subways, etc… result stem from being on the tracks illegally. This is not passing judgment but actual facts if you look back at the statistics.

I am sorry for his loss if it was truly an accident. However if it was not an accident, it is hard to feel bad for someone who should have known better.

I did not see this accident but I did see a man today on the Long Island rail road
jump and get hit by a train at about 12:40. It was a tragic moment.

Hello… Um this might5 sound weird but….I saw one of them in my dreams…He was by the train tracks and im a 10 year old little girl and my parents are soo shocked…I am too…He told me to help him….I did not know how though..then i promise i heard him call my name.It was very scary…

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