Wrestlemania 22 Live From The 6 Train

I had to run to my bank during the afternoon of March 8th. While I live by at least 4 banks within walking distance, my bank only has one branch in the Bronx & that is in Riverdale. I find it easier to go to any of the branches downtown as the commute is shorter & more direct. Let me not digress any further.

I have now finished making my deposits & am on my way back home. I usually will hop on the 6 local as I have a better chance of getting a seat & I’m not that much in a rush to get back. I arrive at the 59th St uptown platform & see the 6 express coming & as expected it was packed. I waited for the 6 local which literally came under a minute later. I make my way into the last car which was #7520.

When I walked in, I took one look at the cast of characters & just knew this ride would be an adventure & that it was! The car was relatively empty with the majority of the small crowd being a bunch of black teenagers who just came from school. These kids had to be the most active bunch of kids I have ever seen on a train.

The group consisted of males & females. All of them were literally wrestling with each other between 59th St & 68th St with them all landing all over the car floor. I am sitting in the very last corner seat on the right side & get to see the action up close & personal. Most of the kids were on the floor but one who isn’t decides to run the length of the car & do a big splash on top of everyone.

This craziness continued as they all started picking each other up & throwing each other from side to side. I think what shocked me most was not the guys doing this but the girls being very active & one of them in particular. She was not your town boy looking girl but she was getting down & dirty.

She got up & suplexed one of the guys on top of the rest of them who ended up on the floor yet again. This mayhem continued until around 103rd St with all kinds of flips, body slams & suplexes being done on each other including an attempted superplex from the top of the bars.

Wrestlemania concluded around 103rd St where one of the guys decides he wants to imitate the Matrix & try walking along the doors without holding anything as the train is moving! He failed at each attempt & was met with laughter. I had to admit I had to put my head down as to not be seen laughing at all the Wrestlemania & Matrix action.

The train is now approaching 110th St & one of the girls decides to try & fit her body in between the handle bars in the middle of the car & the ceiling. I said no way she does it even as nice of a fit body she as. I just didn’t see any adult fitting there with what little space is between the two things.

However I was wrong as she contorted her body to fit & one of the guys decides to “spot” her just in case by putting his hands firm on her ass. I admit for a black girl she had a great body & nice ass & that is saying something. (I don’t find black women attractive at all & would never date one even if I’m mostly black myself)

Thankfully Wrestlemania came to an end at 125th St as they got off & I was able to have a normal ride the rest of the way.

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