Lock Them Up Already….

I admit I was dead tired for most of Friday. I did not get any sleep Thursday night (by choice) & knew that was a bad idea since I had plans. I intended to go pick up an item from the east side during the late morning to early afternoon hours. However since I got no sleep, I eventually crashed for a few hours. So now I woke up & had to run to the east side before heading down to the L.E.S. to see my friend Kim Garrison play.

I am in the solo seat in the last car of a southbound 6 train enjoying my music when I noticed a bunch of teenagers boarded in Harlem. I took one look at them & just knew they would annoy me early & often. My assumption was spot on as within minutes of them boarding, they showed off the typical juvenile antics. A couple of the women got on & immediately sat on the bench & put their legs on the seat. They decided to sit down & put their full body on the seat. The last female sat across from me in the other solo seat.en

A few minutes later some of the group would randomly go up to another member & crowd around them as they were seated. Who knows what this was for but they all found it hilarious. After this a couple of them decide to lift & drag the female who had her full body on the seat. She tried to resist but they eventually got her off. Next it was time for them to crowd around the female sitting across from me. When this was over they too picked her off of the seat & dragged her. While this was happening, one of the dumb broads steps on my foot as we approached 77th Street.. She did apologize but I gave her & the rest of her friends the nastiest look as I prepared to get off at 68th Street-Hunter College. After I did this, they all moved down to the other side of the car.

One might ask why did I give a nasty look if I got an apology which seemed sincere. The reason is because the incident would have never happened if they acted like humans instead of caged animals. I wish their were more cops on board to prevent people acting like animals. I used to be a teen so I know how it is to act a little nutty around your friends. However I can say with confidence I never acted like an animal especially within some form of mass transit. I think someone should donate a “Romper Room” for these morons so we can be done with them!

When I got off the train, I thought of two things. The first is how I was glad to finally get off. Lastly I could only help but remember the encounter that led to this entry.

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