Surprising Critic Of Elliot Sander

Many different people have echoed frustrations at the possibility of fare hikes & service cuts. Some have even started websites to try & save their route. However none of these critics come as a surprise but the next one definitely does. The latest criticism stems from MTA CEO/Executive Director Elliot Sander’s own 15 year old daughter Bria who frequently takes advantage of weekend service on the Q76 & Q79. Pete Donohue of the New York Daily News has more in this report:

MTA chief Elliot Sander has one more irate straphanger to contend with – his daughter.

Sander’s 15-year-old daughter, Bria, is giving him flak about doomsday budget plans that would whack weekend bus service on the Q76 and Q79 routes in Queens.

The teen uses the routes on Saturdays to get to school plays, test prep classes and, of course, to meet friends and go shopping.

“I told him he shouldn’t do it,” Bria told the Daily News Thursday.

Sander, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s chief executive officer and top target for riders’ wrath, tries to explain he doesn’t want to reduce service.

Cuts will be necessary if the state Legislature doesn’t bail out the bus, subway and commuter train system, he argues.

The authority is legally required to have a balanced budget; it has massive budget gaps, he explains.

“Whatever,” Bria said with a note of jest. “He should just get the money for it. It’s a big commuter system. It’s cheap and it’s good for the environment to ride the bus.”

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I must say I was shocked when I read this story earlier today. I am not sure how I missed this report which was first posted on Friday. I find it adorable that she is against the MTA potentially cutting service even if her feelings of jest & subsequent request for her dad to “ust get the money for it” is not as easy as she makes it sound. If her dad could just snap his fingers & get the money, believe me he would without thinking about it.

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