New LIRR Fares Take Effect Dec 30th

Now here is the latest information on the Long Island Rail Road fare hikes that are taking effect on December 30th:

New fares and fare policies take effect on the MTA Long Island Rail Road on December 30, 2010. The fare changes for the LIRR and other Metropolitan Transportation Authority agencies were approved by the MTA Board. Most LIRR commuter rail tickets will increase between 7.6% and 9.4%, depending on ticket type and distance traveled, and are intended to yield a 7.5% increase in revenue.

The changes include:

Monthly tickets for January 2011, on sale as of 12/20, will be priced at the new rate.

Weekly tickets for January 1-7, on sale as of 12/29, will be priced at the new rate.

The Mail&Ride discount for purchasing a combined monthly ticket/unlimited MetroCard will be reduced to 2% (from 4%). Other Mail&Ride discounts and all WebTicket discounts will be eliminated.

New Validity Periods:

For Tickets Purchased on or after December 30, 2010

One-Way & Round-Trip tickets are valid for 14 days, including date of sale (reduced from 6 months).

Ten-Trip tickets are valid for 6 months from date of sale (reduced from 1 year).

For Tickets Purchased Before December 30, 2010:

One-Way and Round-Trip tickets purchased before 12/30/10 remain valid for 6
months from date of sale.

Ten-Trip tickets purchased before 12/30/10 remain valid for one year from date of

New Refund Policies:

Refund Processing Fee

A $10 refund processing fee will be charged for each refund transaction for all tickets purchased on or after December 30, 2010.

Refund Deadlines

Unused One-Way and Round-trip tickets (valid for 14 days, including date of sale)
can be refunded for 30 days from date of sale.

Unused or partially-used Ten-Trip tickets (valid for six months from date of sale) can
be refunded for 30 days from date of sale.

NO tickets will be refunded after 30 days from date of sale.

All refund requests will be processed through the LIRR’s Ticket Refund office. However, tickets may be surrendered at staffed ticket offices, where customers will be asked to fill out a form.

Other Changes:


One-Way, Round-Trip and Ten-Trip tickets purchased on December 30, 2010 or later
may only be exchanged at the ticket window within 24 hours from the date of sale.
Onboard Ticket Sales

Effective December 30, 2010, Round-Trip tickets will no longer be sold onboard
trains; only One-Way tickets will be sold onboard trains.

Step-Up fees and Extension of Ride fees have been rounded up to the nearest dollar.

Buying tickets onboard is a cash-only transaction and incurs an additional charge of $5.75 to $6.50. Save money by purchasing tickets at ticket offices or ticket machines.


CityTicket, which allows for weekend travel within New York City, increases to $3.75.


The best and most economical way to buy tickets is by purchasing them in advance, before boarding the train.

Join Mail&Ride and enjoy the convenience of our monthly ticket-by-mail subscription service. Save 2% when you purchase a joint Monthly Ticket/Monthly Unlimited MetroCard. You can manage your account online, and pay using a number of convenient options.

WebTicket: Order Ten-Trip, Weekly or Monthly tickets online through WebTicket. MetroCard and UniTicket options are also available. Use any major credit card. Tickets are delivered by United States Postal Service mail 3-5 business days after you place your order and postage is free.

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