MTA Faces Backlash At First Public Hearing (Brooklyn Version)

Yesterday marked the first two public hearings held by the MTA in regards to the proposed fare hike. Lets start with the lowdown of the hearing held at the Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn. According to AMNY, the MTA “faced a firing line”.

As I wrote about in a previous entry, a press conference was held before the Brooklyn hearing in which local politicians announced bills intended to get millions for the MTA. However MTA Spokesman Jeremy Soffin was quick to dismiss those bills when he made this comment: “We’d need a commitment closer to 2 billion before we could consider putting off a fare increase.”

Here are some of the comments made at yesterday’s hearing:

60 year old Brighton Beach resident Martin Gangersky – “I understand once again you want to raise the price of admission to wait for trains that hardly ever run. This is no way to run a system. The service stinks.”

Gene Russianoff of The Straphangers Campaign – “Riders are just getting by financially and this is a real blow to their ability to make it in New York.”

Afterwards MTA Executive Director & CEO Elliot “Lee” Sander had this to say:

“It’s not where we want to be, we want to do better and that’s why we want the money to invest in the future.”

Well Elliot how about getting the money from the source that continues to shortchange the MTA & in turn us riders, the government!

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