MTA Expecting Few……

AMNY’s Subway Tracker Blog had a very interesting entry about the MTA’s proposed tiered fare hike. Elliot Sander said he expects “smaller digits” of straphangers to ride the subway outside of rush hour on a discounted fare. This comment was made at today’s board meeting.

According to the MTA’s preliminary estimates, the percentage of straphangers going to work on the discounted fare will be in the single digits. Mr. Sander did not release actual figures but made a statement that could not be more accurate. His statement which mentioned the busiest lines in the system, the Lexington Avenue lines was “Even in the smaller digits, it’s meaningful when you talk about the Lexington Avenue line”.

I work for myself so I ride the subway at all hours. I do find that a tiered fare would definitely work to my advantage in theory because I tend to do a lot of non rush hour commuting to places especially when I go to see friends perform. However I don’t think it will make much of a change in my wallet as I usually purchase unlimited monthly cards. Now if I could get extra discount on my card for riding during the non rush hour, I might just crack a smile!

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