MTA Executive Urges Riders To Protest Fare Hike Plan

An interesting article appeared in today’s New York Daily News. The piece was my transit reporter Pete Donohue & it talked about a request from a MTA Executive. The executive, MTA director of government affairs Hilary Ring asked the riding public to share their frustrations for proposed fare hikes when public hearings start in January. Here is a sample of the report:

Even some folks at the MTA are speaking out against the threatened transit fare hikes and service cuts – and they want straphangers to join them.

Describing the cutback package as “terrible,” MTA director of government affairs Hilary Ring urged people at a public forum to express their anger at public hearings in January.

“Please come,” he appealed to the crowd of about 125 at Swinging Sixties Senior Center in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, last night. “The only way it’s not going to be implemented is if you express outrage.”

“The budget we presented to the board is not the budget we want to see adopted,” he said. “We had to make very tough choices. We don’t want to make these cuts. We think the state and city should increase their contributions to us.”

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I see this request as nothing more than fluff on the MTA’s part. All the outrage in the world shared at these hearings won’t do a thing to change what’s going on. So why even insult our intelligence by suggesting that the outcome could be any different when it can’t be at the current rate?

The intelligence of individuals with common sense continues to be insulted when the responses to the article come into play. As usual we have misinformed individuals claiming this or that is the reason why the fares will be raised. Instead of focusing on the real culprits which in a major part are our elected officials, we pass the blame on to:

The MTA itself for being greedy as they get enough money from the Verizon surcharge that goes to them.

The unions for not allowing more token booths to be closed along with OPTO being implemented on the L.

Pensions being in place instead of 401K plans

The MTA Board being in place as their clothing shows they are making too much money


You see this is the reason why so many people don’t get it when it comes to the MTA in many ways. They are always quick to pass blame from one side to another yet overlook the obvious. All the money saved from closing more token booths, implementing OPTO, scrapping pensions, etc.. would still not close the gap & help sustain the system’s financial condition. No matter how many times you explain this, the status quo is to blame the MTA for everything. While the agency is not 100% blame free, I would never say they are the main reason their financial picture is so bleak. I thankfully know better….

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