MTA Board Likely To Approve Fare Hike

Over the last few days, I have contemplated changing the name of this blog to “Fare Hike” since this is the topic that will dominate the entries for the weeks & months to come. Seriously though, I never did contemplate a name change but the reality of this issue dominating the content is the complete truth.

In what should come as a surprise to no one, the MTA Board is likely to approve the fare hikes that will start in January. John Mancini of NY1 has more:

The 7.5 percent fare hike in January is as certain as things get for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority these days. Next week, board members — some of whom tell NY1 they’re frustrated they haven’t been briefed yet — will learn how the hike is proposed to be spread around. Straphangers will also hear what they may have to fork over when they pay by the ride or by the month.

“Last month, we had the deepest service cuts in a generation and now we’re being asked to pay more as riders for our subways and buses. It’s just not fair. It’s not mass transit if the masses can’t afford it,” said Paul Steely White of Transportation Alternatives.

One idea would raise the monthly MetroCard from $89 to $100 and limit the number of rides. Another would force riders to pay an extra buck for cards when they don’t refill old ones.

“A new MetroCard, it’s not quite a dollar, but there is a cost there. There’s a cost in cleaning up when people just sort of toss the MetroCards on the floor after they’re done with them. So we hate to see any increase in cost, but that‘s one that at least has a rationale behind it,” said William Henderson of the MTA Citizens Advisory Committee.

Click here for the complete report.

No shock from this report as the fare hike was as sure a thing as death & taxes. The sad part is how board members have not been briefed yet. In one hand they should be upset but on the other hand, why are they not actively pursuing the information so they can make the best decision possible. Seriously get your act together over there!

My main priority is to finally see what the official fare hike details will be. There are way too many reports coming out that conflict with one another. It would be nice to know what pain we will endure & start going from there.

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