Huge Fare Increases For Express Bus & Access-A-Ride Riders?

The countdown to what is billed as a doomsday scenario will reach 00:00 when the MTA Board is presented with budget proposals to help trim an over $1 billion dollar budget deficit. The New York Daily News has been leaking some of the potential proposals over the last few days & that trend continued with the latest report from Pete Donohue. In his report, he talks about how express bus riders might see a 50% hike on the current $5 fare. Access-A-Ride users would see a hike as well which could be double the base subway fare. Here is a sample of Pete’s report:

The MTA’s bruising budget proposal more than doubles the fare disabled riders pay for a special van service – and socks express bus riders with a 50% hike, the Daily News has learned.

Access-A-Ride users would pay twice the base subway-bus fare, which is now $2 but is headed for a big boost unless the state adopts a bailout plan for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, sources told The News. The doubled fare will be based on the increase, so it will cost more than $4 per van ride.

Express bus riders are looking at $7.50 per trip, up from $5, under the plan being released by the MTA tomorrow, according to sources.

Click here for the complete report.

I can’t wait for the MTA Board meeting so we can get all the facts out in the open & not have to rely on “leaks” for what might or might not happen.

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Please don’t rase the fares I am in a wheelchair and I use the Acess A Ride van to go to college. I cann’t aford anymore money for the Acess A Ride vans please try and stop this fare hike.

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