Taking A Look At The “Doomsday Scenario”

With a week to go until the MTA votes on whether or not to implement their “doomsday scenario“, the New York Daily News takes a closer look at the details of this scenario. It is pretty much a refresher course from the information reported in January. So here is the latest from Pete Donohue:

A one-way ride on the subway will cost $2.50 and a monthly MetroCard will be priced at a stunning $103 under a doomsday menu of fares expected to be approved by the MTA next week, sources told the Daily News Wednesday.

The MTA board finance committee is scheduled Monday to vote on specific price changes affecting more than 8.5 million subway, bus and commuter train riders.

The full board is slated to adopt the changes at its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday.

The higher fares would hit turnstiles and bus fare boxes June. 1.

Sources said a majority of board members support the following rate changes for subways and buses:

* Base MetroCard and cash/single-ride fare: $2 to $2.50

* 1-Day MetroCard: $7.50 to $9.50

* Weekly: $25 to $31

* 14-Day: $47 to $59

* Monthly: $81 to $103

As I noted earlier, the prospects of this “doomsday scenario” being avoided are looking bleaker & bleaker by the day. Our “so called” leaders in Albany continue to beat around the bush in terms of coming up with legitimate solutions. It sure does not help that the so called big players in Albany such as Malcolm Smith & Gov. Patterson seem to lack the moxie to get their points across to those within their ranks & across the aisle. In the end, it is just one big financial mess that the riders will ultimately have to pay for. So really, it is business as usual.

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