NYC Transit Bus Kills Elderly Woman

In a sad piece of transit news, an elderly woman named Carol Bell was struck & killed by a bus this morning in Brooklyn as it headed back to the East New York Depot. Benjamin Mueller of the New York Times has more:

A Metropolitan Transportation Authority bus hit a 70-year-old woman who was crossing the street in Brooklyn on Tuesday morning, killing her, and then continued on to a nearby depot, the authorities said.

By the time investigators determined through surveillance video which bus was involved in the crash, a second driver had picked it up from the depot and begun a new route, apparently not knowing it had hit a woman earlier in the morning, an authority spokeswoman, Amanda Kwan, said.

The police said the surveillance video obtained by investigators showed the bus stopping briefly after hitting the woman, Carol Bell, at the intersection of Sackman and Fulton Streets in the Broadway Junction section of Brooklyn around 6:15 a.m. Then the bus drove off to the East New York Depot, several blocks away, near the intersection of Jamaica Avenue and Broadway, the police said.

The driver was not immediately located on Tuesday morning, but by the afternoon, investigators had identified the driver and were questioning that person, the police said.

Ms. Kwan said the authorities towed the bus back to the depot after identifying its rooftop number through surveillance video and pulling it over along the B15 bus route, with a fresh driver at its wheel.

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First off my condolences go out to the family & friends of Carol Bell who tragically lost her life.

I am very curious to hear the results of the investigation of this accident as it always catches my attention when a driver fails to notice that they hit a human being. I could see not knowing you ran over an animal or piece of debris but a human!

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