Not To Be Outdone…..

As I wrote about here, we had one idiot lose their life due to their own stupidity. However not to be outdone, we have yet another idiot who has died at the hands of a rail or subway car. This time our idiot was a 23 year old man who was surfing an uptown C train Monday night.

The idiot in question decided to grab the frame of an uptown C train at the 145th St. station. He was hit by a tunnel catwalk handle as the train entered the tunnel between the 145th St. & 155th St. train stations. The force of the blow threw him into a metal railing & concrete. Overall he suffered bruising on his body to go along with severe head trauma. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

This man deserved to die. He clearly had no care for himself, his friends, his family, & other passengers when he decided to latch on to that C train. Why should anyway mourn this loss? I know I won’t! Such a point of view might be considered mean spirited. However can you blame me or anyone for feeling this way? Common sense should tell us that surfing is meant for the beach, not the subway!  Sorry if I choose to have common sense & not participate in an activity that I have a strong chance of dying from!

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