Man Dragged To Death By NYCT Bus

This past Saturday, a 21 year old Brooklyn man was dragged to death by an out of service MTA New York City Transit bus. Dorian Block & Jotham Sederstorm of the New York Daily News have more in this report:

An out-of-service MTA bus dragged a Brooklyn man 100 feet to his death Saturday after hitting him as it cruised toward a nearby depot last night, authorities said.

The 21-year-old man was struck by the B67 after he emerged onto the street from between two parked cars on 36th St. in Kensington about 8:30 p.m., authorities said.

Witnesses said the unidentified man was hanging out with two friends when he was struck by the right passenger side of the bus and then dragged 100 feet.

“He was trapped behind the back tire,” said a neighbor, who identified himself as Rey, 32. “He was breathing. You could see smoke coming out of his mouth because it was so cold.”

“The man came in contact with the front right side of the bus,” said MTA spokeswoman Marisa Baldeo. “He came out between the cars and came in contact with the bus.”

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I never enjoy hearing or reading stories about death. My heart goes out to the bus driver who must still be distraught over an accident that should have never occurred. It is a shame that the negligent actions of one person could potentially ruin a career but more importantly haunt this person for the rest of their life.

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Are you kidding? Your heart goes out to the bus driver??? Where was he looking when this person stepped out, how fast was he going as he was cruising to the depot?? What about the man who was struck & killed by an MTA bus on January 22, 2009 on Jamaica Ave. & 146th Street? He was in the crosswalk & a bus killed him! Buses flying around that corner is what happens all day, every day! The bus has to make a left turn & they try to beat out the lights. It’s a wonder more people haven’t been killed there! Oh, maybe there have been others! Why doesn’t anyone know about this accident? Where is that bus driver now? Do you feel sorry for this murderer too? Looks like the MTA is trying to hide this story. The man killed was a hardworking husband & father. I do hope this bus driver is haunted for the rest of his life & I hope his career is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Charlie,

I am sorry but you are way off base with your comparisons. You are clearly comparing apples to oranges in regards to these incidents. Yes, my heart does go out to the bus driver in this incident. By your logic because of the “alleged” improper driving by other bus drivers, every other bus driver must be at fault when accidents and/or tragedies occur. Where is the hostility towards the man who entered the street improperly? Stop letting some vendetta against bus drivers cloud your judgment.

I am saying that bus drivers need to pay more attention to what is going on around them instead of trying to make the light or get to their depot. Have you personally seen how they drive on Jamaica Ave.? Bus drivers must be held accountable for their actions too! Maybe this man did come out between the cars when he shouldn’t have, but maybe if the driver was paying better attention, he wouldn’t have killed the man. As for the Jan. 22 incident, yes, this was different – this bus driver killed a man crossing in the crosswalk. Still no data available from MTA??

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